3-in-1 Window frames

Compared to traditional window installations, our patented JUN 3-in-1 window frames are designed to make installing windows quick and efficient - significantly reducing time and costs!

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Assorted steel frames

We manufacture a range of quality steel frames that are designed to fit standard doors and windows, toilet doors and windows, and exhaust fans.

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Our high quality concrete beam links are placed at proper intervals to beams and columns to prevent buckling and protect structures from collapsing during seismic activities like earthquakes.

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JUN MANUFACTURING SDN BHD is a specialist in metal frame fabrication - having begun operations in 2007. Jun's products are accepted by a wide variety of users from the common residential home to industrial buildings. Renowned for building high quality steel frames, our factory received ISO 9001 certification in January 2017.  Adhering to ISO specifications, our specialist workers are able to consistently produce high quality steel frames that meet our customers' needs.

Our latest innovation is the new JUN 3-in-1 window casement unit which we designed and patented to help improve window installations. Compared to other designs, this modern window casement system drastically saves time and costs for builders and end consumers alike. Our patented technology also includes a built-in extra lip to help guard against rain leaks from heavy storms.

We hope to further continue our innovation in the metal fabrication industry to better help our customers meet their requirements. With this in mind, we will always strive to be unique and better than the competition.


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